Employment Training

Looking to build your career?

Our employment-related programs are built to help learners develop the fundamental skills needed to navigate the Canadian job market and keep up in an ever-changing economy.

Employment Training

Employment Skills Training (EST)

What is it? Helps you find a new job (or a better one) through business communications training, job search skills, and networking opportunities.

Empowering Youth through Employment (EYE)

What is it? Provides young adult newcomers with valuable career training and a work placement at a local organizations.

Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT)

What is it? Prepares you to start and run your own business while avoiding common management mistakes.

Occupation Specific Training (OST)

What is it? Start your career in Childcare, Warehouse Logistics, or Security with this workplace training course.

Transition to Employment Services

What is it? Customized, one-on-one support to help you find the job you are looking for.

Industry Based

Clerical Training

What is it? Prepares you for a job in office administration and learning how to work in a Canadian office environment.


What is it? Teaches you about the Canadian gardening/agriculture industry and provides you with a paid practicum job.


Basic Accounting

What is it? Helps you learn the basics of Canadian-style accounting, including cash flows, bookkeeping, financial statements and more.

Advanced Accounting

What is it? Develop your skills in advanced accounting principles including taxation, payroll, benefits.


What is it? Familiarize yourself with the QuickBooks software program and learn how to complete ledgers, inventory, and more.

Sage 50

What is it? Discover the Sage 50 software program and improve your skills with payroll, inventory, and more.


Computer Skills for Employment

What is it? Receive the computer and communication skills you need to find work in the Canadian marketplace.

Advanced Computers

What is it? Improve your knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite and more advanced computer essentials.

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