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TIES Expands Financial Literacy Program for Newcomers with Support from TD Ready Commitment

March 14, 2024


The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) has been awarded a $360,000 grant from TD Bank Group, to support its Pathways to Financial Success program for the next three years. The program, funded through the TD Ready Commitment, will provide financial literacy training and education to newcomers and low-income Canadians.

Canada’s financial system differs vastly from those in other countries. Newcomers and low-income Canadians are often unaware of the financial system benefits available to them. This unfamiliarity, combined with a lack of resources, can lead to financial distress, fraud vulnerability, and difficulty managing their finances. TIES recognized these challenges and launched its financial literacy program back in 2012.  

“We want to empower newcomers and low-income Canadians to make well-informed decisions, prevent them from being victims of fraud, and manage their finances effectively,” stated Suman Khanal, TIES acting President & CEO. “The Pathways to Financial Success program will help us extend our reach and address the current and emerging needs of financial literacy in immigrant and low-income populations. We are extremely grateful that TD supports our commitment to continue providing these necessary services.”

"We’re so proud to team up with TIES to help new Canadians feel more confident about their financial future,” said Robert Ghazal, Senior Vice President and Alberta Region Head, TD Bank Group. “Through the TD Ready Commitment, our corporate citizenship platform, we’re supporting programs focused on helping people improve critical skills such as financial planning, credit management and managing money safely in a digital age.”

The Pathways to Financial Success will include an array of workshops and presentations that address topics such as:  

Photo: (Left to Right): Raj Dhaliwal, Councillor Ward 5; Noha El Tanahi, TIES Acting Manager for Settlement Services; Marilyn Magnan, TIES Board Member; Robert Ghazal, Senior Vice President, Alberta Region Head, TD Bank Group: Suman Khanal, TIES Acting President & CEO: Andre Chabot, Councillor Ward 10

About TIES

Founded in 1988, TIES is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering an inclusive and pluralistic society. With over 170 staff and 200 volunteers, TIES offers innovative language education, employment training, and integration services to newcomers and Canadians in need based on best practices.

About Money Smart


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Sarah Ingram, Volunteer & Relationships Coordinator

The Immigrant Education Society

Email:  Sarahingram@immigrant-education.ca

Phone:  403-291-0002

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