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Opportunities for those in need

We provide support in the education of newcomers seeking to develop new initiatives to address the challenges in the community. Below are the list of currently open scholarships.


The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) is proud to announce the Salim M. Sindhu Memorial Scholarship is open for applications this year. This scholarship honours Salim M. Sindhu, a civil engineer from Lahore, Pakistan, who immigrated to Calgary in 1974. His qualifications as an engineer, however, were not recognized, and he began to work as a labourer to support his family. With aspirations to improve his life in Canada, Salim returned to school at SAIT Polytechnic and the University of Calgary, which eventually led to work opportunities within his field. His desire to give back to the community was exemplified by the many hours he spent volunteering in the immigrant serving sector.

Salim noticed a growing demand for English language and employment skills among newcomers to Canada, particularly in the SE quadrant of Calgary, where a large percentage of immigrants resided. He could relate to this, and in response, he founded The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) in 1988. As the Executive Director of TIES for 26 years, Salim spearheaded several pioneering efforts to assist vulnerable populations in Calgary. Salim passed away on November 10, 2014.

Today, TIES is thriving; what was once a small group of volunteers has expanded significantly to accommodate the needs of the Calgary community. New programs are introduced every year, and over a thousand clients are served on a weekly basis.


In keeping with Salim’s values and vision, TIES is sponsoring two (2) scholarships in memory of Mr. Salim M. Sindhu. Each scholarship will financially support an applicant pursuing education or training in a field which aligns with Salim’s legacy, with the future intention of supporting newcomers to Canada.


This year, each scholarship is valued at $1000 dollars. Through donations from corporations and individuals, TIES has established a scholarship donation pool. The amount in the donation pool is then matched by TIES in honour of Salim. The value of each scholarship is equal to the amount of interest which accumulates on the donation pool each year.

Application Requirements

Please submit a 750-1000 word essay addressing the following:

  • Describe a specific barrier that immigrants face
  • Propose an idea to help immigrants overcome this barrier
    • This could be a program, a research project, a conference, etc.
  • Outline your role in helping newcomers overcome this barrier: what enables you to make a difference in the immigrant community of Calgary?
    • Please include any volunteer experience and community efforts.

Emphasis will be placed on:

  • Originality/Innovation – the proposed idea is either a brand new or an improvement on a current project
  • Specificity – the idea presented in the essay addresses specific barriers that immigrants face
  • Clarity of intent – the applicant’s discussion is clear and concise
  • Quality of work – the essay is presented professionally, using thoughtful vocabulary, proper formatting and correct grammar

Essay entries must be submitted by e-mail to Entries must be in PDF format, typed in Times New Roman size 12 font, and on 8.5×11” letter size paper, double spaced.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant must be enrolled in a relevant post-secondary program at a recognized Canadian educational institution OR a training program at an immigrant-serving non-profit agency. Programs must start within one (1) year of the application date.
    • Post-secondary programs such as non-profit management/governance, social innovation, international relations, immigrant consultation or another applicable area
    • Training programs with a focus on employment or settlement in Canada
  • Applicant must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident of Canada, or a Refugee. International students are not eligible.

Selection Criteria:

  • Receiving education or training in a field which aligns with Salim’s legacy
  • Recognized contributions to the immigrant-serving sector (including volunteer experience and community efforts)
  • Evaluation of essay submission based on points of emphasis

Application Procedure and Deadline

Postponed until Fall 2020. Please stay tuned for updated deadline.

Application checklist:

  • Completed Salim M. Sindhu Memorial Scholarship Application Form
  • Essay entry submitted as a PDF file by e-mail by the deadline
  • Proof of enrolment in a relevant post-secondary program or training program at an immigrant-serving non-profit agency (see Eligibility)

Application Deadline

Postponed until Fall 2020

Emailed to the
Salim M. Sindhu Memorial Scholarship
selection committee at

Selection Process

The applications will be reviewed by the Salim M. Sindhu Memorial Scholarship selection committee and assessed based on the criteria outlined above.

Contact the selection committee at if you have any questions.

Application Form

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