What We’re Doing

COVID-19 / Coronavirus | What We’re Doing

NOTE: As of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, services at The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) have moved ONLINE. For more information, please click Latest News. 

In response to growing concerns, TIES is taking the following measures to respond to the outbreak:

  • An Emergency Pandemic Committee, who will meet regularly and make decisions about how to respond to changing threat levels.
  • A Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan, which outlines the details, roles and responsibilities associated with TIES’ response in the event that the situation escalates.
  • Increasing health protocols including building cleaning, reviewing hygiene habits with students and staff, monitoring office entry and establishing guidelines for reception intake.
  • Educating our students and staff about COVID-19 symptoms and prevention.
  • Preparing for potential office closures and working arrangements in advance.
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