What to do while you wait to start English class (and you want to learn now!)

The Calgary Immigrant Educational Society and other schools like it around the province provide an exceptionally high quality of English language instruction, with experienced teachers and awide variety of programs to choose from. In particular, LINC programs, including LINC, LINC Blended, and LINC Home Study, provide a certificate of achievement that can be used toward your Canadian citizenship application. With so many benefits, many newcomers enroll in these classes when they begin their journey to learn English, but may find that they have been put on a waiting list due to high demand, delaying their English language learning by weeks or even months. You certainly want to begin learning English as quickly as possible after arriving in Canada, so what can you do while you wait?

Enter the Calgary Bridge Foundation’s Functional English Conversation Classes. These classes are held twice per week and are 100% free. Courses run for 3 months (or 12 weeks), and can give you and your family a head start on learning English in a small and safe environment. The title of the class, Functional English, means that you will be learning English that you can use everyday – English that will help you at school, with friends, with shopping, at the doctor, or when using buses and trains.

The short schedule for these classes means that newcomers can choose to attend for a short or long time, and can attend based on their schedule.

Students can choose to attend at one of two locations:


MacLeod Place

Unit 208, 5920 MacLeod Trail SW



The Genesis Centre

7555 Falconridge Blvd NE


Consider making these free Functional English Conversation Classes part of your English learning journey, and you will have a great start.


To register, please contact Sonia Sehgal at 403-999-9642.



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