Wandering in the Wilderness: CIES students explore the Rockies

On Saturday, July 29, students from CIES’ SE location participated in the inaugural Wandering in the Wilderness hike at Upper Kananaskis lake, Alberta. The 8 km hike was organized and led by CIES volunteers Felipe Civita and Matt Hill, and Program Development Coordinator Oxana Cherednik. The students were provided with poles to borrow and scarves, water bottles and camping food supplies to keep. The perfect weather helped yield a perfect experience, complete with multiple mountain goat sightings and even one of a bear! Many students were in the Alberta wilderness for the first time and were in awe of the Canadian Rockies, with its snowy mountaintops, glaciers and lakes. Guides Felipe and Matt also taught the students about the various rocks that comprised the mountains and their history. The participants bonded and strengthened their relationships during the trip, and had fun sharing how to say different wilderness words from their culture over lunch.  With the trip an unequivocal success, there is much excitement about the next trip, scheduled for the beginning of September.

For more info, contact CIES at info@immigrant-education.ca.


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