Valentine’s Day & sharing the love at CIES

Valentine’s Day is the holiday in which we share the love: whether it’s romantic, familial, or platonic. We went around and asked our teachers and staff to tell us what they love about working here at the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society. Here’s what we found!

When you are doing something every day so dear and so close to your heart that you would be willing to do it without even being paid for, aren’t you the luckiest person in the world?! If you are doing such meaningful things with a whole bunch of like-minded people in an enthusiastic, supportive, and full of positive energy environment, aren’t you the happiest person in the world?! Working at CIES makes me feel I am the luckiest and happiest person in the world. I love working at CIES, doing what I do every day! – Dr. Sally Zhao, CEO

Because I LOVE to hear students say, “I understand it now, thank you, teacher”, to see smiles on their faces, and to say, “Good job this semester, you are moving up!” – Nataliya Lykhosherstova

I love keeping in contact with students as they grow their Canadian experience. When I hear about new experiences, jobs, houses or regional travelling, I tear up at the honour of being a small part of their journey. – Laura Cutler

I get to be part of a community of people from all walks of life, dedicated to overcoming barriers, sharing stories, and making positive change – Alison Edwards

I love to be a part of a Brilliant, Dedicated, Professional, Highly-Educated, Compassionate, Creative and Supportive Team. – Svitlana Parasiuk

I love what I do at CIES because I am surrounded by individuals who want to make a difference. You are never alone in a culture where those around you support, encourage and lift you up. – Sadie Mooney

I love what I do because of the children. I love to make their time here at CIES special and fun. I love seeing their faces light up when we change the class, bring in new toys, or even when we bring in the groceries weekly. The kiddos make everything worth it. – Tanis Hykaway

I LOVE to see how learning and understanding of the English language grows and develops each time I see my students! I love to be a part of that process – it is a humbling and very rewarding experience. And when I hear “thank you teacher”, it warms my heart as I know that I was able to help and make a difference! – Lucia Semenoff

Seeing the students gain confidence and improve in language, computer and job trainings make me happy for them in their journey of settling in Canada! – Chui Yin Wong

I love what I do in CIES because it brings out the best in me – Analiza Rogicio

The work I do at CIES is attached to my heart and love helping people who are in need – Suman Khanal

In the six years I’ve been with CIES I’ve loved having the chance to grow and contribute in a real, meaningful way. Whether it’s helping tell our student’s stories, collaborating with peers, or sharing in celebrations like the summer festival or anniversary gala, I love being a part of something great! – Colyn deGraaff

I love what I do because I get to work with fabulous colleagues who are always supportive and share their wisdom.  I also love being around with colleagues from various cultural backgrounds and pot luck is always a blast – Eva Su

I love what I do here in CIES, because of the amazing people I am working with, supporting and making their work smooth and easier to deliver – Racine Diallo

I love what I do because I get to work with strong people from diverse backgrounds. I would love nothing more than to help give the individuals I work with the opportunity to communicate who they truly are, and what they’ve experienced, with the world. – Jen Riego

I am very appreciative of and thankful for the tremendous multitalented team that I have the privilege of working with every day. You encourage me, challenge me, show me new and better ways of doing things, and spur me on towards our collaborative goal of serving and benefitting our clients. Thank you so much. – Richard LeBlanc

I love the entire staff’s dedication to the Society and the selfless commitment of the volunteers. – M’Liss Edwards

I love to work at CIES because all staff work as a team, have an open mind, strive to help clients adapt and succeed – Lisa Sun

I really love my job because of the people who we help and I get to work with – Cliff McGuire

I love to work at CIES as it is a vibrant work place where each day is an opportunity to meet students from different countries and cultures. Each student brings with him or her experiences and ambitions. I feel proud that by working at CIES, I am able to empower my students to be confident and strong. Every day brings with it a new challenge and together we work to overcome it. – Monica Mehta

I love working at CIES simply because I get to interact with so many amazing people from different cultures and walks of life, who have big hopes and dreams and have made a similar journey to mine by making Canada their chosen home. I get to be a part of their story sometimes. I have learnt so much from them and they definitely have become a part of my story. – Mayssoun Hniedi

I love what I do at CIES because I work with people who are Loving, Outstanding, Vivacious, Enthusiastic – Irina Copil

My Third anniversary with CIES is round the corner! After three years I realized that CIES is part of my life, and became part of my family.  It is hard to say why you love your family but you know that you can’t live without them. You love your family not because they are the best family but because with them you can be yourself.  That is exactly how I feel about CIES, I love this place not as my work place but like my home. I did not know my feelings till I went  for my annual vacation and realized that I missed all of  you.I love you all – Noha El Tanahi

Are you a student or volunteer who has worked or taken classes with us? We want to hear about what you loved. Was there a special teacher or classmate who helped you feel welcome or push yourself to succeed? Let us know by leaving a review on Facebook.

Happy Valentine’s Day!