TIES x United Way Fundraiser 2020

It’s that time of year again! November is United Way fundraising month at TIES.

United Way of Calgary and Area is a local charity that works to realize a brighter future for everyone across the communities we serve. Our involvement in this city-wide campaign helps create lasting social change to overcome poverty, help kids succeed, and build strong communities. United Way of Calgary Area also supports our Financial Literacy programming at TIES!

This year’s campaign, Show Your Local Love, will run for the month of November and will feature plenty of activities! To get involved, check out the initiatives below:

UPDATE: Our 2020 campaign raised over $1300 for United Way of Calgary & Area! Thank you for participating!

If you have any questions about this campaign, please contact Priscilla at priscillalee@immigrant-education.ca.

Bid on a Basket

Check out these beautiful baskets donated by our staff & volunteers. Auction starts at $30, or if you are really determined to get the basket, buy it out at $75!

Jellybean Jar

How many jellybeans are in this jar? Donate $2 per guess and stand a chance to win up to 50% of the prize pool if your guess is the closest! (*Rules apply)

Make an E-Pledge

Want to contribute to the campaign directly? You can make a direct donation via e-Pledge on the United Way Online Giving site. If you are a staff member at TIES, please use your work email when registering so that they will automatically register your donation under the TIES account.


Eva’s Plants

A big thank you goes to our HR Manager Eva Su, who made a huge contribution to this fundraiser by selling plants to our staff team. Each plant was lovingly propagated from Eva’s own house plants, including snake plants, spider plants, succulents and peace lilies.

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