TIES Attends ATESL 2019

ATESL 2019

Last week, on October 18-19, TIES had a major impact at the ATESL Conference!

Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) is a local organization that supports English language programs and teachers. 2019 marks ATESL’s 40th Anniversary, so this year’s conference was a special celebration! We were so excited to be a part of it.

More than 25 TIES staff and teachers attended the event at the Westin Hotel. 14 of our participants gave presentations, spanning a variety of topics, including digital literacy, emotional wellness, and PBLA.

Workshops hosted by TIES staff at ATESL 2019:

  • An Open Source Digital Literacy Curriculum for Low Literacy Newcomers, presented by Olivia Chen, Jayne Crawford, Christine Do, and Alicia Romero
  • Don’t Phorget about Phonics! presented by Donna Clarke
  • Can-Do Lists: Student vs Teacher Perceptions of Language Ability, presented by Peter Connell and Daniel Ling
  • Colour-Coding as a Teaching Tool in the ESL Literacy Classroom, presented by Nataliya Lykhosherstova
  • PBLA Lead Roles and Responsibilities – A Discussion, presented by Donna Clarke, Laura Cutler, Daniel Ling, and Alice Zhao
  • Supporting Newcomers’ Psychosocial and Emotional Wellness, presented by Noha El Tanahi and John Wang
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