Refugees & Newcomers Emotional Wellness (ReNEW)

What Is Refugees & Newcomers Emotional Wellness (ReNEW)?

This program provides access to emotional support and professional counselling for recently arrived refugees and newcomers. Clients and walk-in participants will be assisted with either a one-on-one consultation or arrangements to see a professional counsellor.

Professional counsellors can provide life-changing strength and support for their clients. An experienced counsellor can help their client overcome issues such as financial stress, alcoholism, anxiety, domestic and psychological abuse, and family issues.

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Am I Eligible?

  • Permanent Residents, Refugees & Canadian Citizens over 18 years of age

When Is This Class?

  • To see a counsellor, visit either our Northeast or Southeast location between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Where Is This Program?

  • This program is offered at two locations:
    • Calgary Immigrant Educational Society: 1723 – 40th Street Southeast, Calgary, AB. T2A 7Y3. For more information, call 403-235-3666.
    • The Welcome Centre for New Immigrants: 3820 – 32nd Street Northeast, Calgary, AB. T1Y 7L9. For more information, call 403-291-0002.

How Do I Join This Class?

To book a session with a counsellor, please contact us at 403-291-0002 (Northeast) to schedule an appointment.

What If I Have Other Questions?

If you have any questions about this program, fill out the contact form below.



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