Computer Access for Literacy Learners (CALL)

What Is Computer Access for Literacy Learners (CALL)?

Computer Access for Literacy Learners is a program designed to provide essential computer literacy skills to literacy-level, economically disadvantaged, low skilled and unemployed newcomer and Canadian adults residing in the Forest Lawn and Whitehorn communities. This 30-hour program features hands on learning activities delivered in literacy-friendly and demonstrative style by an experienced literacy-level instructor. The program focuses on basic computer operation, the use of essential software, internet search, email and basic social media communication and real-life tasks. The program will train 96 participants across 2 CIES sites in Calgary. CALL is a program developed by experienced literacy-level teachers and computer skills trainers. It addresses the combined barriers of computer and language literacy, empowering newcomers in the lower range of LINC proficiency levels (select students from Literacy 3-4 and CLB 1-2) with fundamental digital technology skills essential in gaining a footing in Canadian society. Its intended simplicity will also make it accessible and useful for more established Calgarians who seek to gain essential computer access training.

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Am I Eligible?

  • Foundation Literacy 3-4, up to CLB 1-2
  • Have legal status that will allow them to study in Canada for a short-term, 10-week course
  • Limited computer and digital technology skills
  • Free for low-income individuals
  • $75 course fee for non low-income individuals.

When Is This Class?

  • 30 hours of training in 7 weeks
  • Classes are 1.5 hours long and held three times each week: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm at our southeast location and 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm at our northeast location, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
  • Register anytime for classes at the southeast Forest Lawn or northeast Whitehorn locations
  • Class Schedule (February – June 2018):
    Intake 3 February 27 – April 11 (7 weeks)
    Intake 4  April 24 – June 6 (7 weeks)

Where Is This Class?

  • This program is offered at two locations:
    • Calgary Immigrant Educational Society. 1723 – 40th Street Southeast, Calgary, AB. T2A 7Y3. For more information, call 403-235-3666.
    • The Welcome Centre for New Immigrants. 3820 – 32nd Street Northeast. Calgary, AB. T1Y 7L9. For more information, call 403-291-0002.

How Do I Join This Class?

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What If I Have Other Questions?

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