Picking the right English class for you

Did you know that the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society has 8 unique English classes that are registering right now? That means that students are able to sign up and start as soon as a spot opens up.

But which class is right for you? Here are a few short descriptions to help you choose the option that is best for you:

Great Options For: Permanent Residents, Refugees, or Protected Persons

  • LINC: Beginner-Intermediate. Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada provides free full-time and part-time classes to help learners integrate in Canada. [Learn more]
  • LINC Literacy: Beginner. Free classes for learners who have little experience learning in a classroom. [Learn more]
  • LINC Blended: Intermediate-Advanced. Free English classes for learners that want the flexibility to attend one weekly Saturday class and do the rest of their activities online during the week. [Learn more]
  • LINC Home Study: Intermediate-Advanced. Free English classes offered online for learners who can’t attend in-class due to illness, disability, conflicting work schedules, or lack of childcare. [Learn more]

Great Options For: Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Refugees

  • Drop-In ESL: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced. Paid-classes allow you to “drop in” at scheduled class times that work with your schedule. [Learn more]
  • Literacy & Basic English: Beginner. A low-stress free program for newcomers and Canadian citizens struggling with letters, numbers, and basic words in English. [Learn more]
  • Computer Access for Literacy Learners: Beginner. An introductory computer class which also provides English language instruction. [Learn more]
  • English for Employment Online: Job Search: Intermediate-Advanced. An online self-directed English language resource that helps prepare students for finding work in Canada. [Learn more]

So there you have it! 8 incredible options to help you improve your English. If you have any questions, or want to know more about any of these courses, click here to contact us and we’ll answer your questions.