PBLA Module Bank for LINC Online

Looking for PBLA teaching resources?

Calling all LINC instructors and administrators! TIES is currently completing the development of multi-level PBLA modules and assessments for use in your online classroom. These materials are free to access: simply click on your desired format (Word or PDF) to download below.

Each module contains:

  • A module plan
  • List of resources
  • Ideas for skill-building and skill-using activities
  • Multi-level assessment tasks
  • Answer keys
  • Links to online assessment tasks hosted in Google Forms

This page will be updated regularly, so check back in the future for additional modules! If you have any questions about these resources, please contact whitneyloewen@immigrant-education.ca.

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These resources are in their testing phase. We encourage you to use them in your classroom, and share your feedback with us so that we can make them even better! To submit your feedback, use the survey link provided at the beginning of each document.

CLB 3-4

Community Services

Download Word | Download PDF

CLB 4-5

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Download Word | Download PDF

Rights & Responsibilities of Citizenship

Download Word | Download PDF

Government (Participating in Democracy)

Download Word | Download PDF

Alberta Health Care System

Download Word | Download PDF

Buying & Selling Used Items

Download Word | Download PDF

CLB 5-6

Choosing Community Organizations

Download Word | Download PDF

Obtaining Volunteering Opportunities

Download Word | Download PDF

CLB 7-8

Diplomatic Communication at Work

Download Word | Download PDF

Boosting Mental Health

Download Word | Download PDF

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