ASCEND gives the gift of technology to CIES

This week the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society was proud to receive a generous $6,500 donation from the Alex Schaap Charity to Educate and Nurture Development (ASCEND). Board member Tanya Schaap was kind enough to come to our Whitehorn location to deliver the gift which will be committed to adding new interactive technology in the classroom. […]

Fill This Basket 2018 – Open Until December 14th

It can be an expensive and traumatic experience moving to another country, especially for immigrant youth. Many children experience a breakdown of social networks, a growing sense of hopelessness, and humiliation or bullying. When you consider that almost 20% of permanent residents are children when they arrive, and that 52% of Syrian refugees in Alberta are [...]

Giving Tuesday is the global day of giving

Everyone knows about those days that are good for the economy: Black Friday and Boxing Day being two major shopping days for Canadians and Americans, as they follow American Thanksgiving and Christmas, respectively. Millions of dollars are spent at stores across the country on these days, which is certainly great for your gift list, but […]