World Refugee Day 2018

World Refugee Day: Background On December 4, 2000 the United Nations (UN) declared that from 2001 onward, June 20 would be celebrated as World Refugee Day. The UN defines a refugee as someone who has fled their home country due to “a well-founded fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular [...]

The Perks of Having a Calgary Public Library (CPL) Card

The first branch of the Calgary Public Library (CPL) opened in 1912, making the CPL over 100 years old. It has come a long way since then. To paraphrase CEO Bill Ptacek, a library is not just a place, it’s a concept. The CPL is constantly expanding to allow Calgarians of all backgrounds to use [...]

Coming Up: Summer cultural events in Calgary

With summer just around the corner, festival season’s in full swing and Calgary’s no exception to that. There are lots of exciting cultural festivals coming up in June and July. In addition, June is National Indigenous History Month and International World Refugee Day is June 20. You’ll also get a chance to show some Canadian [...]

How to raise your child to speak two languages

For many newcomer families, learning English or French is one of the first things they need to do after arriving in Canada. As both are the official languages of Canada, knowing one or the other will help greatly with finding a job, making new friends, and enjoying everyday life. However, many newcomer families also worry [...]