Valentine’s Day & sharing the love at CIES

Valentine's Day is the holiday in which we share the love: whether it's romantic, familial, or platonic. We went around and asked our teachers and staff to tell us what they love about working here at the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society. Here's what we found! When you are doing something every day so dear and so [...]

Bringing Black History Month into your classroom

February is Black History Month in Canada, and has been observed in Alberta since 2017. Although often overshadowed by stories of well-known Albertans such as Guy Weadick, Colonel MacLeod, or the Big Four, the contributions of Black Canadians to Alberta’s history are nonetheless equally important to remember. In commemorating their history, Albertans have traditionally celebrated […]

Join our “Say What?” pronunciation program now

Say What? Are you learning English as a second language? Do you find it difficult to make the sounds of English? It can be a challenge, especially when you’re first starting out. That’s why we’re happy to announce new registration for our “Say What?” pronunciation program! “Say What?” is a volunteer-driven class built for newcomers who […]

My first experience with Canadian healthcare during pregnancy

Mary Camino is a newcomer professional and volunteer at CIES. She is currently completing her ESL EAP training at Columbia College and is pursuing her communications career in Canada. My first experience with Canadian healthcare during pregnancy First impressions Moving to another country involves so many changes, whether it’s the culture, climate, politics or language. [...]