NEW!: Canadian Workplace Training in Childcare, Warehouse Management, and Hotel Housekeeping

Brand new for 2018, the Pre & Post Canadian Workplace Training program at CIES has been expanded, allowing students to choose from 3 unique classes in rapidly growing industries:

  • Childcare;
  • Warehouse Management and Logistics Services;
  • And Hotel Housekeeping.

By teaching soft skills and the English skills needed for a successful career, these classes will help support newcomers with lower language benchmarks find entry level jobs and improve their job retention and satisfaction.

Each new CST program will provide insight on Canadian workplace culture and help clients to build soft skills that will result in a more productive workplace. This will be done by introducing listening, speaking, reading and writing English related specifically to the student’s chosen career in childcare, warehouse management, or hotel housekeeping. Clients will receive over 200 hours of part-time in-class training and job search support, as well as post-employment mentoring support.

This program is open to the following:

  • Permanent Residents (PR), Refugees, and Live-in Caregivers with Canadian Language Benchmarks of 3 or higher
  • Those actively seeking employment and those ready to work

If you are interested in applying for one of these exciting new programs, visit the registration page on our website.