LINC Blended – the best way to learn English on your schedule

If you’re new to Canada, you probably want to start working as soon as possible – you might have a family to support, or maybe you just want to get settled so that you can begin your new life here. And while Canada is a multicultural society where dozens of different languages can be heard on the street around you, the reality remains that in Calgary, English is the language that you will need to learn so that you can find and keep a productive full time job.

While many newcomers are able to attend full time language classes to get the quickest start on their English skills, for many others that’s not a realistic option – whether because of their work schedule, family commitments or transportation issues, many find themselves unable to get to school regularly. An online home study English course such as our LINC Home Study program might be a great alternative, but without guided instruction many students find it difficult to hold themselves to a regular study schedule. That’s where our new LINC Blended Program (LBP) comes in.

For students who are unable to attend part-time classes, but still wish to have classroom interaction, the LINC Blended Program offers the best of both worlds. This program is offered in two parts: the first, once-per-week classroom instruction at our northeast Welcome Centre location; the second, self-directed weekly activities completed online with the student’s own computer. Classes are offered to clients with language benchmarks of 3-3-3-3 to 5-5-6-6 who are unable to attend regular LINC classes due to illness, disability, conflicting work schedules, or their role as a family caregiver, but are still able to attend one weekly in-class instruction (unlike our LINC Home Study course, which is completely online).

Each week students attend one in-person class, led by a qualified English instructor who provides English language training and essential skills, life skills and cultural awareness about Canada. This also gives students time to interact with other newcomers like themselves and develop new networks, friendships, and partnerships for their settlement process.

After this weekly class, students return home and begin exercises and activities that are hosted on the CIES Learning Management System (a website dedicated to online learning). It is here that digital lessons, mirroring the in-class curriculum, provide at-home guidance for students to continue their studies. LBP students can log on anytime and work through the online classes to complete their learning objectives, as well as communicate with their fellow classmates and interact with their LBP instructor.

Classes are free of charge and provide self-driven students the opportunity to further their English skills in a classroom and at-home environment. Classes also require a basic familiarity with computers with internet access.

If you think that LINC Blended is the program for you, contact Imee Dela Rosa or Colyn de Graaff to register at 403-291-0002. Click here for more information.


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