LBE Students See LOFT Board Success!

LOFT Board for LBE Classroom

TIES’ Literacy and Basic English (LBE) Students See LOFT Board Success!

The Literacy and Basic English (LBE) students at TIES took their learning to a whole new level thanks to technology. A LOFT board was recently purchased with funds from a TIES’ Indigo bookstore fundraiser in February of 2019, funds from our partners at ASCEND and some program funding.

TIES’ ABC Morning Literacy Teacher, Joan Hotchkiss had this to say about the positive impact of the LOFT board on her classroom:

“Our morning literacy class has another tool in our classroom to stay engaged while learning English with the addition of the new LOFT interactive panel.
During our few weeks of use since it’s installation, we have enjoyed the multi-touch interactive whiteboard. The Note software allows me to highlight on top of a class worksheet. It is user-friendly and enhances student participation. Student worksheets can be presented on the screen and then I or a student can draw/print on top of the worksheet for all to follow for directions of completion.
The LOFT offers a bigger screen to view DVD’s, access YouTube and the internet. We look forward to exploring more features that the LOFT offers to enhance English learning in our classroom.
Thank you very much for bringing this modern technology into our classroom!”

For more information about the Literacy and Basic English program at TIES’, visit:

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