Language Brokering Interviews

Help us learn about immigrant families’ language use in Canada!

NOTE: This page is seeking research participants who consent to an interview. We are also looking for participants to complete a Language Brokering survey online. To complete the survey, please click here.

We would like to interview immigrant parents with an adolescent or young adult child (14-24 years old) in Calgary so we can learn more about how immigrant families communicate. Sometimes parents who are new to Canada need help from their children translating things to and from English – this is called Child Language Brokering.

If you are a parent or adolescent/young adult child (14-24 years old) that uses or has used Child Language Brokering and your family moved to Canada no more than 10 years ago, we would like to interview you and your family member.

Participating involves:

  • 2 separate interviews (one for you and one for your family member).
  • At the interview, we will ask some information about yourself and about your experience participating in translation with your parent or your child.
  • Each interview will last about 45-60 minutes and will be audio recorded. We can interview you over Zoom, telephone, or in person – it’s up to you!
  • Each participant will receive a $30 gift card for participating; if you want to be interviewed in person, we will cover the cost of your local transportation to the interview site.

By sharing your experiences, you will help us learn more about how parents and children communicate during translation so we can help newcomer families to communicate better.

You don’t have to participate in the interview if you don’t want to. Even if you don’t participate, staff at The Immigrant Education Society will continue to help you when you need it.

The University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board has approved this research study (REB20-0167).

This study is funded by The Calgary Foundation.
To find out more about this study, you can email:
Title of Project: Child Language Brokering
Principal Investigator: Dr. Anusha Kassan, Adjunct Associate Professor, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

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