Tag: Mental Health

Why does my mood change in winter?

It’s the beginning of winter. The warm summer sunshine has turned into frosty air and you see snow every morning. Your days feel like they’re getting shorter, because the sun rises so much later and sets almost 3 hours earlier than it did in the summer. But maybe the weather isn’t all that has changed. [...]

Where can I find a counsellor?

If you are an immigrant or a refugee fleeing a crisis zone, or you chose to come to Canada and are struggling with feelings of isolation and culture shock, if you are worried about finding housing and a job to support your family, know that there are places you can go to find support. Free [...]

Coping with culture shock

Many people who travel or live overseas experience what is commonly referred to as “culture shock” when they first arrive in a new country. New sights, smells, sounds, people, and customs can be intimidating or even scary when all experienced at once - especially when they are very different from the country you grew up [...]
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