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What is distracted driving and why is it dangerous?

"Distracted driving" happens whenever someone drives while doing other things that take their attention from the road. Distracted driving puts everyone in danger. Lives can change in an instant when drivers lose focus and try to multitask instead of staying alert for hazards. What is distracted driving and why is it dangerous? What counts as [...]

Where can I get legal advice?

Lawyers can be expensive. And while we all hope we’ll never need one (except to help with legal documents like your will or when purchasing a house), there may come a time in your life when you need to find affordable legal advice. Luckily, there are various organisations in Calgary that can provide this help, [...]

I got a parking ticket. What do I do?

Parking tickets are issued to a driver who has parked illegally and must be responded to. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse. As a result, drivers are expected to pay attention to parking signs and the rules of the road to avoid getting a parking ticket. Still, accidents and mistakes do happen, so [...]

What do I do after a vehicle collision?

While we hope you never get into a collision, winter's icy roads and summertime's busy roads can sometimes make this hard to avoid. Many new immigrants (and new drivers) are not certain what to do in case of a collision, or what their responsibilities might be. Read this guide article to find out. What do [...]
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