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How do I get my car repaired?

If you have a vehicle, commuting in and around Calgary can be faster and easier than other forms of transportation. Unfortunately, some wear and tear to your car is inevitable when a vehicle is so frequently driven.  Also, sometimes damage happens due to bad weather or driver accidents. As a result, you may need to [...]

What is distracted driving and why is it dangerous?

"Distracted driving" happens whenever someone drives while doing other things that take their attention from the road. Distracted driving puts everyone in danger. Lives can change in an instant when drivers lose focus and try to multitask instead of staying alert for hazards. What is distracted driving and why is it dangerous? What counts as [...]

How do I use a gas station? (Link)

All cars need fuel to run. When your fuel levels are running low, the gauge on your car dashboard should let you know. If it looks like your fuel is getting close to "E", or empty, that's how you know its time to visit a gas station. The link below will tell you everything you [...]

I got a parking ticket. What do I do?

Parking tickets are issued to a driver who has parked illegally and must be responded to. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse. As a result, drivers are expected to pay attention to parking signs and the rules of the road to avoid getting a parking ticket. Still, accidents and mistakes do happen, so [...]
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