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Where can my child learn in Spanish?

In this article, we’ve put together a list of Spanish programs for K-12 learners available at public schools in Calgary (and remember to check out this page at the Calgary Board of Education site for more details). Spanish Bilingual (K-12) This program provides students with basic Spanish speaking, reading, writing, listening and communication skills. Students […]

What kinds of schools can my child go to in Calgary?

There are two types of schools in Alberta: public schools and private schools. The Province of Alberta funds public schools. In contrast, tuition fees, grants, and private donors fund private schools. Public schools are the most common choice and the subjects they teach are the standard for education in Alberta. However, other options may be [...]

As a newcomer, how do I register my kids for public school?

Registering your kids for school is one of the first and most important things newcomers need to do when they arrive in Canada. If your kids are over the age of 4 ½ - 5 years old, they should be enrolled in one of the Province of Alberta’s approved educational programs, offered through Public Schools, [...]
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