Help us help others.

Volunteers are the ambassadors of Canada because they introduce not only English language but also Canadian culture to newcomers. Our volunteers’ dedication and contributions allow us to provide even more comprehensive services to our clients.  We would like to thank all of the Calgarians who are currently volunteering or have volunteered in the past with us to help new immigrants find a sense of belonging in Canada through improved overall communication skills and a better understanding of Canadian culture.

Current volunteering opportunities at Calgary Immigrant Educational Society are listed below.

One-Time Volunteer Opportunities

Sorry, there are no volunteer opportunities available right now.

Flexible Volunteer Opportunities

“Say What?” Supplementary Pronunciation Program

Where: 3820, 32nd Street N.E., Calgary, Alberta T1Y 7L9 Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Position The “Say What?” supplementary pronunciation program is a volunteer-driven pronunciation class supplemental to CIES’ LINC and Drop-In ESL programs.  Students who attend the class are normally students that are simultaneously taking full-time LINC classes, but have a desire to additionally focus on overcoming some of their challenges they have when producing the individual sounds…Find Out More

Reading Room one-on-one Tutors

Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Position Our clients are referred to the Reading Room for a variety of reasons. These may include: having had little or interrupted education in their countries of origin, possessing a learning disability, or experiencing trauma. Reading Room volunteer tutors provide quality one-on-one instruction for these adult literacy learners in Calgary’s newcomer community, in order to…Find Out More