CIES and CFN launch “Transition to Employment Services” – employment help for EI recipients

Traditionally, most employment programs have been designed to help newcomers not receiving financial assistance such as employment insurance (EI). While this approach often succeeds in helping those with the most urgent needs to provide for their families, it ignores the desires of those receiving financial assistance to find meaningful employment and support themselves independently. In response, CIES and Centre for Newcomers have partnered with Alberta Labour to provide the Transition to Employment Services, or TES, program, the objectives of which are to:

  1. Provide personalized services to EI recipients in Calgary and area that enable them to build workplace and occupation-related skills, and
  2. Provide work placement support, assisting participants’ re-entry into the workforce.

Expected participants in this program are newcomers who have past Canadian work experience and who may have been affected by the economic downturn, but the program is available to all residents of Alberta, including Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Refugees. To participate, you must be over 18 years of age, not attending a Kindergarten to Grade 12 educational program, and be unemployed or underemployed and seeking full-time work.

Once registered, participants will graduate through the four components of the program:

  1. Client assessment – determining the client’s unique barriers to training and employment and preparing a strategy to succeed
  2. Employment readiness support – 1 month of in-class employability skills training
  3. Employment placement – 1 month of work experience to prepare for re-entry into the workforce
  4. Client follow-up and monitoring – including industry-specific mentoring and support

Following a personalized assessment of their needs, clients will work with their practitioner to develop a Service Plan and alternative strategies to initiate their career transition. Through a combination of one-on-one counseling and 1 month of in-classroom instruction, they will develop an awareness of the job market and the transferability of their job skills to other industries, and will learn how to make a successful transition. Client follow-up and monitoring will ensure that participants have made a meaningful and long-term transition that will ensure they can provide for their families independently of income assistance.

In addition to the one month of employability skills training and one month of employment placement, some clients may require short-term certificate courses such as First Aid/CPR, H2S Alive, and Confined Space, among others, in order to enhance their chances of obtaining and retaining employment, and the cost of these courses may be covered. Clients may also receive one-time financial support for employment materials such as work boots, hard hats, or other items required for the work site. Additionally, clients may need daycare while looking for work, attending workshops or courses. The TES program can help them access daycare subsidies and/or can help the client cover a reasonable amount of their daycare expenses during the program period.

The Transition to Employment Services program is commenced on August 8, 2017 at CIES’ NE Welcome Centre location. For more details or to apply, visit the website here or call 403-291-0002.

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