CIES’ 30th Anniversary Begins with “One World”

To kick-start its third decade of operations, CIES was proud to unveil a new original art piece by local Calgary artist, Alison Edwards.

“One World” was created to highlight the rich histories and regional backgrounds that contribute to Canada’s identity and culture. The mural is on display at CIES’ northeast Welcome Centre for New Immigrants where it will serve as a greeting to the 75 different nationalities who receive service at the centre each week.

“I hope everybody can find themselves somewhere in this piece,” said Edwards, “either through their heritage, or through the relationships found in this mural.”

At the unveiling, CIES Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Sally Zhao made the following statement:

“Back to 2012, when we opened the Welcome Centre, looking at the empty classrooms and the spacious hallways and lobby, I remember the founder of this organization, the late Mr. Salim Sindhu, having a little chat with me. Jokingly and seriously he said “now the building is here, it is your task to fill the space. From that day on, the idea has been staying in my mind, utilizing the space to provide services accommodating the needs in the community, creating a most welcoming environment using something visual to reflect the nature of our services and our clients.”

Photographs from the unveiling can be found below, and more information about the creation of the piece can be found here.