ASCEND gives the gift of technology to CIES

This week the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society was proud to receive a generous $6,500 donation from the Alex Schaap Charity to Educate and Nurture Development (ASCEND). Board member Tanya Schaap was kind enough to come to our Whitehorn location to deliver the gift which will be committed to adding new interactive technology in the classroom.

CIES has had a close partnership with ASCEND for the past few years, working together on joint ed-tech/language program and putting tablets into the hands of kinds in our childminding department. ASCEND is a charity initiative founded in memory of Alex Schaap, a “gadget junkie” and close friend/relative of the charity’s board members who was tragically killed by an impaired driver in 2009. In Alex’s memory, ASCEND donates computers, laptops, and tablets to individual families and supports local community services in need of technological assistance. They had the following to say:

“We believe that in the 21st century, computers have become essential components for maximizing one’s educational potential. We also recognize that poverty and other socio-economic obstacles can become prohibitive factors in this regard. Our goal therefore is to provide computers and technical support to families nominated by local not-for-profit organizations and to support existing support services with their ongoing technical needs.”

In memory of Alex, 100% of ASCEND’s fundraising goes back into the Calgary community where is fosters digital literacy for families and individuals alike. We’re grateful for their support and look forward to continuing this partnership in the years ahead.

To learn more about ASCEND and the work that they do, click here.